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[trans] Music Fair 5 sept 09

This is for v6subteam!

It was really interesting and amusing :D

Done using the V6 cut found in v6_unlimited

Megumi = me
Suzuki = sk

Stereopony = sp1, sp2

Tsukui = c-t
Okazaki = c-o

Crystal Kay = kay

Hirahara Ayaka = hh


Inohara = ino
Miyake = ken
Sakamoto = saka
Okada = oka
Nagano = naga
Morita = go


top caption: Congrats girl band from Okinawa
Stereopony's first appearance!

me: You were all from Okinawa right?
sp1: Nohana, only Nohana is from
sp2: I was originally from Nagasaki

top caption: Only Stereopony's Nohana from Nagasaki?

me: Originally from Nagasaki?
sp2: Yes, but we met in Okinawa and formed a band
me: Why did you go to Okinawa?
sp2: I wanted to make music

top caption: Wanted to make music so went to Okinawa?

me: You went to Okinawa because you wanted to make music? Not because you wanted to swim?
So Nagasaki was no good?

top caption: Okinawa = Music???

ino: Isn't it far?
me: Did you know that Okinawa is now popular for making music?
ino: Okinawa is amazing for the bands formed there right, with people from Okinawa
me: Ehh, so you had the same information?
ino: That's why she left Nagasaki...
me: Eh? That's just strange! You don't have force yourselves like that!
ino, ken: If you talk about Okinawa, it's got to be music
ino: Please agree with us! It is Okinawa!

top cap: He agreed...

me: If you talk about Okinawa, it has to be music, right?

top cap: Stereopony's members are all in their teens

sk: 19 years old?
sp1: Yes
c1: How old are your parents?
sp1: My mother is 38

top cap: Stereopony's Aimi's mother is 38 years old
The same age as V6's Sakamoto???

me: 38?! Hey Sakamoto-kun!
ino: Same age, same age
ken: He's your father, your father
saka: I was so surprised!
me: Your daughter, your daughter!
ino: So surprised!
saka: Oi, you! (said to Aimi) [note: he used the "omae" form of "you" that's less formal, used among people with close relationship]
naga: You, you...
me: Because she's like 'being like his daughter'
saka: Yes

top cap: Congrats V6
Appearance after 2 years!

me: How old is everyone now?
ino: Well, there's only 1 person in his twenties
me: Only 1 person in his twenties? Eh, so soon everyone will be in their thirties?
ino: Yes
sk: Ehhh
ino: Our Miyake being 30 is a little surprising, isn't it
ken: I'm "Just Thirty" [said in English]

top cap: "Just Thirty"
by V6's Miyake Ken

me: "Just Thirty" - it means 'being just 30 years old' right

top cap: V6 around for 14 years!

oka: Since a long time ago, right? Around 14 years ago
me: So much time has passed?
sk: 14 years?
me: At that time you were 14 years old right?

top cap: They look just the same...

oka: More than just the same...
me: Did you know, Okinawa is an amazing place?
ino: We finished talking about it

top cap: Congrats Crystal Kay Appearance after 4 years

me: And now, Crystal Kay-san, it's been 4 years?
kay: It's been a long time
sk: It has been a long time, hasn't it
kay: Yes. I've become 23
me: 23?
kay: Yes
me: So next year you'll be 24?
ino, ken: That's obvious!

top cap: Question talk!

top cap: Class's Tsukui -> Stereopony
"Please take a photo email?"

me: First is Class's Tsukui-san, a question to Stereopony
c-t: My daughter is a fan, please take a photo email for her later? [note: it's an email with a photo sent on handphone]
me: Sorry, sorry, sorry. Isn't that not a question?
c-t: I thought that she might not do it
me: Ah you're raising the question
Next, Okazaki-san, a question to V6

top cap: Class's Okazaki -> V6
"Have you taken a bath together?"

c-o: V6, have you gone into a bath together? I...
By the way, Class has not
ino: You haven't?
sk: If it's a open-air bath, yes, right?
ino: Ah yes
oka: If it's a hot spring, yes
c-o: So it means that you have?
oka: Yes, in a hot spring...
me: A question to Class from Okada
oka: It's not a question but it's like a report.
sk: Report? Yes

top cap: V6's Okada -> Class
"In the past, Inohara and I often sung "1993""

oka: In the past, Inocchi and I often used to sing Class's "1993"
me: You sang it?
oka: Yes, we did
c: By the way, who would be the finisher, who would be the base? [3:09] [note: not sure if "finisher" and "base" are the right terms]

top cap: V6's Inohara is terrible???

oka: Um, really, our Inohara-kun is terrible, so... it changes with his mood
ino: Hey, explain the terrible-ness properly! It's as if I'm an ordinary terrible person

top cap: When V6's Okada and Inohara harmonised "Summer day of 1993"...

oka: During the harmonising, he does a part when he feels like it and I have to match him.
If I didn't, in the past he got really angry.
ino: Oh I was really terrible. Like when we're tired, on the bus back from a concert tour or something, I'll say, "Okada, let's sing Class's song". "Ehh?"
And in the middle of it, I said I wanted to be the finisher, but the chorus, it's a little difficult, isn't it?
c: Yes, yes, yes
ino: The lower harmony... And so if Okada doesn't do it, I'll say, "I said I was going to be the finisher, didn't I?"
And, when I wanted to harmonise, I would just do the harmony...
c-o: Ah...
The same as me

top cap: Class's Okazaki also harmonises as and when he pleases???

ino: Ah, really?
c: After we start the song, sometimes I change my part, and he will match up with me
ino: That's not good for the actual singer, is it?

me: Inocchi
ino: Yes
me: To Hirahara-san
ino: Well Hirahara-san has a really calm look, doesn't she?
So I wondered if she has ever gotten mad before...

top cap: V6's Inohara -> Hirahara
"Have you gotten mad before?"

hh: Well, yes I have.
Like when the curry was spicy...

top cap: Hirahara gets mad when curry is spicy???

ino: That's really unreasonable, isn't it
ken: It's curry you're eating
me: Excuse me, being spicy is expected of curry isn't it?
Isn't it good for curry to be spicy?
ino: You didn't get the idea of curry wrong, did you?
hh: I think so
ino: So in relative terms you are someone who gets angry with small matters
me: Sorry, right now, she looks like she is angry

me: Miyake-kun to Hirahara-san
ken: Yes! Is it true that you are really good at doing the "Butterfly"? [the swimming stroke]

top cap: V6's Miyake -> Hirahara
"Is it true that you're good at swimming the butterfly stroke?"

hh: I am.
Well, it has the image of not moving, doesn't it?
I do move.
ken: Well I understand that you move...
sk: Have you always been swimming?
hh: Well, I have been going to a swimming school, so...
ino: Swimming school haha
hh: Why were you laughing?
ino: Going to swimming school now...
saka: Just now she got a little angry!

top cap: She got angry again???

ino: She got mad!

top cap: Talk about mistakes during concerts!

me: Concerts are performed live and there are mistakes... So I want to ask about that
sk: Yes
me: Crystal Kay-san
kay: Yes
There are many mistakes... I had one where my zipper was open too.

top cap: Talk about mistakes during concerts - Kurikei (her nickname)
"The clothes zipper was open"

me: So Crystal Kay-san's zipper was open?
kay: Yes. And it was a suit outfit. It was the first part in the live concert. Wearing a hat...
me: It was cool
kay: And, someone said, "Kuri-chan, fastener!"
naga: "Kuri-chan, fastener!"
me: The audience knew!
kay: Yes... And then
me: So how, how did you zip it up?
kay: I said, "Wait", and turned to the back
me: Ah, turned to the back

me: Morita-kun, do you have anything?
go: We did a concert as Kamicen. The stage floor gave way
me: Eh?

top cap: Talk about mistakes during concerts - V6's Morita
"The floor gave way and I fell"

ken: It broke quite a bit.
All of his leg went in
me: That's so scary!
ken: His whole leg went inside
go: I didn't know... I thought everyone rose up...
Really, really!

me: Nagano-kun
naga: Yes. Kamicen was to do a forward somersault and Tonicen was to jump over them and forward somersault, we had something like that.

top cap: Talk about mistakes during concerts - V6's Nagano
"I hit Okada's head with my knee"

naga: When I was jumping, my knee hit Okada's head here, and it ended, after that was each person's solo dance.
And when it was Okada's turn, when the spotlight hit him, he was unsteady
ino: I thought it was that sort of dance!
ken: I thought it was the Drunken Fist!
someone: Yes, yes! I remember that!

top cap: Talk about mistakes during concerts - V6's Okada
"I danced as I got dizzy"

oka: His knee hit the back of my head hard
And then I was unbalanced and I thought, "I have to dance!"
ino: The dance, it was quite cool!
ken: In the darkness, the spotlight lit him only, and it was the Drunken Fist
ino: We were like, "Oh that's so cool!"
oka: Drunken Fist...
go, ino: Like, "Woah, amazing!"

me: Sakamoto-kun
saka: It's not me but Inohara. Often at the end of the concert, for each place, we will say "Tokyo, thank you!" and such.
ino: At Morioka, I think it was there
saka: It was after Sendai, after Sendai we went to Morioka.
And then at the Morioka concert venue, the ending "Thank you everyone!", you would say, "Everybody at Morioka" wouldn't you?
But at the very last moment, he said, "Everyone at Sendai, thank you!" and the curtain fell.

top cap: Talk about mistakes during concerts - V6's Inohara
"I got the name of the place of the concert wrong"

saka: It was awful! Everyone was like
naga: "EHHH???" We could hear that.

/// V6 performance of GUILTY ///

[cut out the Class talk]

sk: Next is Hirahira-san
hh: I did a backbend [note: make the body like a bridge shape]

top cap: Hirahara's mistake
"She did a backbend???"

When I say 'backbend' it was an imitation of the backbend.
And so, as such, I was asked to do it on television, but as expected it didn't suit my image...
So, a ban was imposed on backbends

top cap: Hirahara's mistake
"A ban imposed on backbends?"

ino: From who? Your company?
hh: From my company...
ino: Even for the company, it must be hard for them to say it
ken: "Stop doing backbends!"
sk: You can bend all the way back?
hh: Yes, I do a bridge and then my face will go between my legs
me: Wait, so from here, your face will appear?
hh: Yes, often, in Chinese acrobatic groups..
sk: You're that flexible??
hh: Yes I can do it
sk: I wanted to see that
ken: We would want to see that, won't we
me: That's banned by the company. You can't.
ino: We can't?
me: No you can't
hh: Personally, if you would come to the green room...
ken: So later, later we can?


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Sep. 12th, 2009 05:50 am (UTC)
thanks for translating... inocchi is too energetic even now in his 30s ... lol.
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thank for reading!

yeah it's so wonderful to be full of energy and laughter like him :D
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