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Draft translation for v6subteam
Screencaps added! This is one of my favoritest clips from Gakkou e Ikou :D

Memorable for:
- Nagano wrestling a chair wtf
- The Okada & Go in the chaos caused by pro-wrestler Chouno

Narr = Narrator
Mar = Marina
Sae = Saeko
Go = Morita
Oka = Okada
Nag = Nagano
Chou = Chouno
Ino = Inohara
/ ……/ = caption
* ….. * = action


narr: Midori Gakuen Break Time Improvement Committee

/Number 11
Boisterous Ballad of the School Clown/

mar: Hey Saeko-chan
You said the day you get your pay for the part-time job was tomorrow right?
Of course, you will buy this right?
"Sweet Reward" on sale now. Ufu! (note: her book about where to eat delicious food)

go: It's a new method of extortion!

sae: Scary!

mar: Don't fake-cry! It will look as if I'm bullying you!
You little girl!

oka: Oh No!!
The gang leader of next door's Monta Industry is coming on a rampage!!

go: What!?

/Gang leader's theme music?/

chou: What the hell are you studying?
Middle school?
Don't f*ck with me!

/A fantastic opening appearance!/

/Monta Industry Gang Leader and New Japan Pro Wrestling Supervisor
Chouno Masahiro /

/Height 186 cm Weight 108 kg
Heinous gang leader with huge body/

/Though he looks like this, he's actually a returnee born in Seattle, America!/ (note: a Japanese who spent a large part of their childhood overseas)

chou: Oi!
Who is the gang leader here?

nag: He is!

go: That's fast... Too fast!

chou: You!

go: What's with that stumpy get-up!

chou: Stumpy? You bastard!
Wearing that ugly blazer!

go: Argh!
He's gone sleeveless!

nag: Please beat him up!
*Chouno puts Go in a headlock*
go: It hurts!

nag: More painful!

chou: Who the hell are you?

/What on earth is Nagano doing?/

chou: Aren't you a bit crazy?

mar: He's nuts!

go: Clearly insane!

chou: You got something on you!
*Chouno puts Nagano in a headlock*
/Nagano: Readily surrenders/

narr: The game they will play is the Minorika Rhythm 4 game
In a 4 beat rhythm, they have to hit the table, clap, do the right and left hand pose and say the target name and a number between 1 to 4.
The targeted person will say their own name for that number of times to the 4 beat rhythm.
In the next 4 beats, they will target someone else.
The names for the members are as shown.
/Okada > Oka
Morita > Mori
Nagano > Naga
Marina > Nabe
Saeko > Sae
Chouno > Chou/
And then Marina does what?

mar: Today are we doing the "Normal rule" or the "U~ 1 rule"?

go: Either one is fine... but since gang leader is here... The "U~ 1" is too difficult!

oka: That's true!

chou: It's my rule!

narr: Explaining the normal rule to the lawless Chouno who said "My rule", the members also put on the soft rubber pencil grip for safety reasons!
The Minorika Rhythm 4
Round 1
Starts with Okada

/Person starting is decided by Rock, paper, scissors/

oka: Starting from Oka, matching with the rhythm

*Chouno messes up his name rhythm*

narr: Chouno gets the dekopen

nag: Ah Okada!
He's good at it!

/Okada: Doing well today too!/

chou: I'm fine up to the hundredth time!

narr: The pro-wrestler Chouno says provocatively that the dekopen is no big deal, but...

oka: Excuse me!

chou: No!

oka: Ah... Scary...

I'll start!

chou: Ok!
*Chouno gets hit*
sae: That must hurt

nag: He shook a little!

go: He's standing!

chou: He did it at quite a wide angle.
It was done with a sharp angle!

nag: That's true!

chou: It's not funny!

mar: It's not funny?

narr: The Minorika Rhythm 4
Round 2
Starts again with Okada

oka: Ready go!
Starting from Oka, matching with the rhythm


*Marina gets messed up with the fast rhythm*

mar: What was that, you guys!!

/All: Childish/

mar: Hey!

narr: Marina gets the dekopen

mar: What was that, seriously?
*Marina gets hit*

nag: What a good sound!

go: She's in agony!

mar: I'm really irritated!
Really irritated!
Chouno-san, shall we (target Okada)?

chou: I'll make his head fly off!

narr: Becoming Marina's partner in crushing Okada, Chouno's voltage rises as...

narr: The Minorika Rhythm 4
Round 3
Starts with Chouno

chou: Let's f*cking do it!

sae: Yes!

chou: Shall we?

all: Yes!

oka: I don't wanna lose...

chou: Ok?

mar: Yes sir

chou: Ready go!
Starting from Chou, matching with the rhythm

*Chouno uses a number outside the 1-4 range*

sae: He made his own (rule)!

go: Unbelievable!
Chouno-san, unbelievable!

narr: Chouno gets the dekopen

/(for the 2nd time)/

oka: So funny!

oka: Do it hard

go: I'm starting to sweat a little!
It hurts, actually!
*Chouno gets hit*

sae: This one hurt, surely!

/Oh no.../
/This is bad.../

*Chouno breaks pencil*

oka: The target has changed!

go: Oh no!

nag: Chouno-san! Who are you targeting now?

chou: Morita!

nag: That's a definite answer!

narr: Chouno has reached the peak of his anger!
He quickly changes target from Okada to Morita...

The Minorika Rhythm 4
Round 4
Starts with Chouno

chou: I will attack Morita!!

Ok, ready go!
Starting from Chou, matching with the rhythm

/Morita vs Chouno/

*Chouno says Mori instead of a number*

nag: Mori mori?

go: I already know that you have a lot of muscles! (note: Mori mori can mean 'have a lot of')

narr: Chouno gets the dekopen

/(for the 3rd time)/

go: I'm starting!
*Chouno gets hit*
oka: He's angry!

chou: You keep throwing it back to me only, you bastard!

nag: He's angry!

sae: Scary!

chou: Who are you gonna support, me or Morita?

nag,sae: Chouno-san!

mar: Of course it's Chouno-san!

oka, mar: No doubt!

chou: I've the feeling that I get in a match!

mar: Oh no!

narr: The Minorika Rhythm 4
Round 5
Starts with Okada

oka: Ready go - Starting from Oka, matching with the rhythm

*Morita messes up his rhythm*

go: Wasn't that strange?
She said, "Naga naga naga naga"!

nag: That was strange!

oka: Chouno-san, please pass your judgement

chou: It's you!

narr: Morita gets the dekopen

oka: Excuse me!

*Go gets hit*

/Chouno: Very satisfied <3/

sae: That made a good sound!

mar: Let's try out the "U~ 1 rule", shall we?

nag: Yes

chou: I don't know any "U~ 1 rule"

oka: The "U~ 1 rule" is erm....

chou: Explain it properly!
He better explain it from start to finish!

oka: No... The game doesn't change much!
Just that...

narr: Explained properly, the "U~ 1 rule" is only when someone is targeted with "1" - they say ton, ton, "U~", then the name. The pose will be clenched fists during the "U~" and raising both arms during the name.
At that time Chouno is...

chou: How stupid...

oka: (Even if you screw up) It's okay if no one sees it!

chou: If no one sees it? Ok!

narr: The Minorika Rhythm 4
Round 6
Starts with Saeko

sae: Ready go - Starting from Sae, matching with the rhythm
*Okada laughs before finishing his line*

nag: What happened?

mar: What?

oka: I was curious about Chouno-san so I kept looking in Chouno-san's direction...

mar: And so you forgot?

oka: He didn't say it at all!

chou: I did say it properly!
I said it in a small voice!

oka: You didn't say it!

chou: I said it!
*plays replay*
narr: Chouno, who clearly has a subjective symptom!
However, Okada also did not target another person so this round is not counted!
And then...

oka: Please say the name out!

sae: You have to say it clearly, the name!

chou: Yes...

/reflecting on mistake/

go: Please say it out loud, Chouno-san!

chou: Can I close my eyes?

go: Yes you can!

/What kind of hang-up is this?/

narr: The Minorika Rhythm 4 done again
Round 7
Starts with Saeko

sae: Ready go - Starting from Sae, matching with the rhythm
*Okada laughs again*

go: It's strange, during the "Sae 1"... in a small voice, he said, "Mori 3"!

chou: I said it!

sae: He did say it!

*plays replay*
/Mori 1 : U~ haaa (?)/
/Sae 1 : Mori 3/
/Oka 1 : %&#^/
narr: When you listen to it carefully, there are so many mistakes!

chou: I did say it properly!

narr: Chouno gets the dekopen
/4th time/

sae: I'm starting!
*Chouno gets hit*
nag: He moved a little just now!

chou: She didn't hit the forehead, she hit my head...

go: Chouno-san was shaken!

oka: You moved the mountain!

narr: The Minorika Rhythm 4 done again
Round 8
Starts with Chouno

chou: All right, let's go!
Okay! Ready go, Ready go!! (??)
Starting from Chou, matching with the rhythm

*Okada messes up his rhythm*

/Chouno: First hit!/

chou: Finally!
Yes! Finally!

nag: Please take revenge!

narr: Okada gets the dekopen

/Chouno: Much interest in Okada's forehead!!/

go: Aim for your target

oka: Scary!

chou: I'm starting!

*Okada gets hit*
nag: It hurts right?

go: That's not a dekopen!

mar: That made a sound I have not heard before!

sae: Not just his forehead, his whole face is red!

oka: My forehead... I thought the skin came off!

go: 1 sheet?

oka: 1 more time!

mar: Ah the chime rung!

go: Oh yes

mar: It has ended!

nag: It's the end!

oka: Everyone from around the country, please send in many more fun break-time games! Thank you!
*Chouno puts Go in a headlock*
go: Why am I being used as practice?

oka: Chouno-san! I heard a rumor, that your mother actually calls you "Masahiro-chan"?

go: No way, how lame!

nag: Masahiro-chan!?
What do you call your mother?

chou: Mama <3

/As expected from a returnee/

oka: Please say a few words to your mother

chou: I am Chouno!
I love mama!

*back at the studio*

mar: Awesome!

ino: Saying a few words to his mother, he said, "I am Chouno"! But his mother is Chouno too!


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Oct. 6th, 2009 01:43 am (UTC)
I never saw this! huahahahahaha.. rude big guy compare to petit Go.. thanks for translating!
Oct. 6th, 2009 04:31 am (UTC)
LOL that's exactly why I liked watching Go fighting with him! :D
Oct. 11th, 2009 09:14 am (UTC)
This was hilarious!! I've just finished the timing of it XD

Thank you ♥ Poor Go in his small frame looked so cute being bullied. But I think Chuono quite liked him because he always went 'Mori Mori' at the wrong time. ahaha..
Oct. 14th, 2009 07:30 am (UTC)
Oh thanks so much for timing it :D

Chouno really likes wrestling with Go - it's so cute
Apr. 13th, 2011 09:42 am (UTC)
pimples are really annoying, you can kill them using benzoyl peroxide but it will also make your skin red.

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