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[rumor] 「新・あぶない刑事」

Was surfing around and found this at rachie241282's lj:

Shin Abunai Keiji
Date: January 2010, Sundays 9.00 pm
Station: TBS
Cast: Nagase Tomoya, Okada Junichi, Sato Ryuta, Mizukawa Asami, Nakamura Toru, Tachi Hiroshi

Was so surprised and excited I went to google some more...

But the only other news source I found is not very official... (http://ameblo.jp/mrer30002001/entry-10337383698.html) and I can't find the original site with the cast names.

It would be a remake of a very popular detective action drama with snappy dialogue+wit/humor+style.
Some say the original Akanishi/Pi and later Nagase/Okada castings for the leads are just fangirl imaginations though. That might be true.

Oh well, if it's really Nagase x Okada again, I'll have something to look forward too :DDDDD
Draft translation for v6subteam
Screencaps added! This is one of my favoritest clips from Gakkou e Ikou :D

Memorable for:
- Nagano wrestling a chair wtf
- The Okada & Go in the chaos caused by pro-wrestler Chouno

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[trans] Music Fair 5 sept 09

This is for v6subteam!

It was really interesting and amusing :D

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Pieces of Summer

We sneaked out of class, just you and me
I desperately searched for the next thing to say
Thoughts piled up, losing courage
The flash of sunshine suddenly melts them away

I want to hide the feelings I can't put into words
I take your hand

You make me feel so happy

I can feel the pieces of summer on my skin
I kicked opened the season's door
Anything soon seems possible
We want to be together, don't we
Even if tomorrow I will surely spend my days more ordinarily
I have become free and can fly far away

I came out of the loophole I didn't know of
I start to want to know your secrets more

Never leave me
Linked hand in hand
The perspiration spreading

You make me feel so happy

The pieces of summer are bursting from my chest
Laughing as we can't relax
Feeling as though we are living right in the middle of it
Let's make a promise
Let's go to the beach when it's summertime
Let's play with fireworks and things
I'll never forget
Let's make 'now' again
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

*repeat chorus

Japanese source.
You can find romanization here.
1. "Kakera" can be fragments, pieces or even rays! Rays sound nice too. Fragments don't really fit.
2. "The perspiration spreading". Very realistic, but kinda gross.
3. I'm not good with translating songs!
4. My friend said 胸にはじけて is not 'bouncing from my chest'. I agreed. Hahaha!
Summary: Utaban displays Go, Inocchi, Okada's childhood photos.
Okada talks about this mother and home videos.
Go talks about his sister and her boyfriend - he's so funny. :D
There is an appraisal section of Okada's watch in the end.

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[trans] 21.06.09 Utaban - V6

Summary: This was the Children-Raising Special of Utaban, just the V6 cuts for the quiz section and dance bit.
V6 were guests for the quiz section where they had to spot the difference in a pictures for food prizes.
They also learnt a butt-shaking dance.

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