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Sa: Sakai Masaaki
?: Masuda Erina

N: Nagano Hiroshi

Katsuo no Tataki

Note: only roughly translated the narrated bits and put in what i thought was important.


Hosts: Good evening
Sakai: I'm Sakai Masaaki of three star cuisine
?: Maestro, today we have a No. 1 Gourmet Johnny
Sa: No. 1 Gourmet Johnny? Who? Ah! Johnny-san?
?: No
Sa: He says stuff like, "You (in English)"
?: No, it's not
Sa: It's not?
?: According to sources, the number of restaurants he ate at in 1 year was 600.
Sa: 600?
?: And just to eat watermelons, he even went all the way to Ibaraki-ken.
*they turn and see Nagano*
Sa: Wait, Masuda-kun, this is bad! He's already checking (the kitchen)
Stay back...
Nagano: Sakai-san-
Sa: Might you have a problem with our kitchen?
N: No, just that I dropped a 100yen coin...


The first Katsuo (of the season), which is in season now, and the dish Katsuo no Tataki, is made by grilling the skin and putting ponzu sauce on the fish. It's a luxury Japanese-style dish.

Introducing the coaches.
In Shinjuku’s Arakicho , the restaurant Suzunari. The owner is Murata Akihiko.
In Ikebukuro, the north branch of Tankuma and the chef, Maeshima Shuji.
In Kagurazaka, Kouhaku and chef Koizumi Koji.

Starting with a difficult thing - deboning the fish. Katsuo is difficult to fillet. There are 3 cuts - first, cut the stomach, then slide the knife down close to the backbone. Then the trick of inserting the knife between meat and bone and cutting in 1 stroke. Finally cut the part that is still joined and separate the halves.

Without this smooth surface, there will be no 3 stars.

Separate the flesh from the backbone in the other half in the same way.

This is a star example of 3 cut katsuo.

For Murata, he removes the chiai (the dark red, bloody part) of the meat.
And the stomach bones.
It is divided into the back and stomach portions.

For Ikebukuro, it is the same.

For Kagurazaka, it is only divided in half. The bones are left inside - the reason will be given later.

The guest is well-known in the entertainment business for his knowledge on food. He will be kept busy


Sa: So, we have a fish [?]
?: Please cut it
N: The first cut is important
?: While Maestro is cutting the fish, I will introduce Nagano's profile of work
Sa: That's good
?: Nagano Hiroshi-san joined Johnny's Entertainment at 14 and debuted as a member of V6 at 23. After 4years of absence, his play "Fry-pan and Gun" is released as a DVD and is selling now with much praise.
N: Thank you
?: Nagano-san is well-known as a foodie, he sings, he dances, he acts and is also a gourmet, he is one who reminds us of a young Maestro Sakai.
N: Thank you
Sa: That was pretty well-said
N: That hooked you in?
Sa: Yes, you caught a big katsuo with that
Oh it's coming along...
There's the sound of the bones being cut
N/?: Yes
Sa: Now I hold it up.
Hey No. 3, focus on this!
?: As expected of Maestro!
*cuts down the fish*
Sa: Alright, alright, it went down.
*opens the cut*
Oh this part is separated
N: Maestro, isn't it in 3 cuts already?
Sa: Oh let's make it 4 slices then!
Um, why is this...
Ah it's ok, it's ok
It's ok there
So, Nagano-kun, please cut it.
Is it okay to talk to you while you work?
N: Well, my memory... Yes it is.
Apologies if I don't say anything
Sa: Yes yes
*pats Nagano's back*
Excuse me!
*Nagano gets up*
N: I haven't put the knife in!
Sa: You have a cooking license, don't you?
N: Yes
Sa: When did you receive it?
N: Around 2, 3 years ago
I took 1 week to get it
Sa: You wanted to try cooking yourself, right?
N: Yes
Sa: Do you cook every day?
N: Well I like rice
Sa: Then you must be quite particular about the method of cooking rice?
N: I have a seimai-ki (rice polishing machine)
Sa: The kind where you put money in to get rice out?
N: Yes, yes, yes
Not that big, it's this size, they sell it in food-processor size.
Sa: If you don’t hurry
N: Ah yes
With the seimai-ki, seimai…
Sa: It's not that big, it's a narrow machine? (the word for narrow is 'semai')
N: It is a seimai-ki... hahaha
The 'semai's are different
Sa: You're done?
*Nagano finishes cutting*
N: I may have gotten it out
I'm going to start
*lifts fish up*
Sa: He's cutting!
*Nagano cuts*
Sa: He did it
?: It made a good sound just now
Sa: A good sound
*Nagano opens the fish*
Sa: Oh wow
?: Amazing!
Sa: Isn't that really well done?
Oh look *lifts fish*
You can see through it!
?: Wow you can see the bones!
N: This takes quite a lot of work
? : Maestro, which one will we use?
This and that - the one Nagano-san cut and the one Maestro cut. Which should we use?
Sa: Isn't this one good?
N: This one was already in 2 slices
Sa: Yes... Let's use this
N: Yes please use this one
?: Yes
Sa: Let's cut this in 2
*Nagano head-butts Maestro*
N: Maestro is also...


Ponzu sauce.
There is the type where you pour it directly on the fish and the type where you dip the fish into it.

The Ikebukuro one uses 3 types of citrus fruits for flavor and impact.

The ones who pour it on, use Daidai (type of citrus fruit), which has a refreshing sourness.

First, boil sake and mirin under a strong flame to get rid of the alcohol.
Add the daidai juice and soy sauce to the mixture.
Lastly after adding the konbu (kelp) and katsuo flakes, let it rest for 1 week for the flavors to come out.

For those who can't wait that long, use konbu powder instead to shorten the resting time. But be careful not to add too much because it is salty.
After it is dissolved, strain it well.

Arakicho's chef uses onions and many fresh vegetables.
Ikebukuro's chef uses garlic chips and spring onions.
Kanzazaka's chef uses fried onions, shallots, momijioroshi, etc.
To make momijioroshi, make holes in the daikon (radish) and then inserting chili peppers into it. Grating it will produce momijioroshi.
Thinly sliced onions are mixed with potato starch and fried at 170 degrees until brown.
Remove excess oil to make it crunchier!


Sa: Nagano-kun, how old are you?
N: This year, I will be 37
Sa: Oh I see
N: Okada-kun will be 30 next year. And then all of us will be in our 30s.
Sa: Oh I see. For 'Spiders', all of us are past 60! (Sakai was the main vocal for the band The Spiders)
N: That's a golden group, isn't it? [?]
Sa: But in the Johnny's groups, there's quite an age gap, right?
Only Johnny-san is above your group, right?
N: Hahaha. According to when they entered the company, there's Matchy-san, the 3 in Shounentai, Okamoto Kenichi-san, Uchi Goji-san [?], then, me!
And after me was Joshima Shigeru-kun, we are already quite old but after I realised I joined 1 month earlier than him, I got a bit of a shock.
Sa: But that was more than 10 years ago right?
Everyone's memory of it all different, isn't it?
N: Yes, 20 years have already past.
Sa: Right?
But, didn't you quit once?
N: Yes I did
Sa: Did you manage an izakaya? (booze/snack bar)
N: Hahaha! No, I didn't, not manage!
It was part-time work, I worked part-time.
Sa: Part-time?
N: For about 2 and a half years, I didn't do any work in the entertainment business. During that time I went to a technical school. An information-technology school.
Sa: But you went back.
N: That was the mysterious thing - suddenly there was a call from the company
Sa: A call?
"YOU, coming?"
N: Yes, yes!
"YOU, what are you doing?"
Sa: EHH?!
That was from Johnny-san?
N: Yes, he said, "Are you free?"
I said, "Yes" and he told me that there was a Shounentai tour so, “why don't you appear in it”.
Sa: But for 2 years you had that so...
N: Yes
Sa: Cases where they go back are rare, right?
N: Well, Sakamoto-kun was also like that.
Sa: Oh I see... Then, I'll drop the subject
N: It becomes quite a long story, won't it? Hahaha
Sa: When you look at Nagano-kun, he's the gourmet of JE, so what about the others?
N: Higashiyama-san is amazing
Sa: Oh really?
But you have overtaken Higashiyama-kun, haven't you?
N: No....
Sa: You have!
N: That is...
Sa: You have!
?: Higashiyama-san would not go to 600 restaurants in a year, would he?
Sa: He wouldn't!
And he's wearing a wig in Kyoto anyway. *laughs*
Say, "I have exceeded you" to him
N: Is that okay?
Sa: Sure it is! Because I told you to say it, have more confidence!
N: *into camera* Higashiyama-san, I have, in terms of eating, I have exceeded you
Sa: In terms! [?]
N: I'm sorry! *bows*
?: You said it, didn't you?
Sa: It's okay, it's ok, more than worrying about that, worry about the momijioroshi


Sa: This mature young man, what type of women do you like?
N: The type I like?
Sa: Yes
N: Someone who can eat a lot. And also, even if we go eating together...
Sa: Someone who likes food [?]
N: Yes. And someone who can come with me when I go around eating is good too.
Sa: That is tough!
N: Hahaha
?: She will gain weight
Sa: If she goes to 600 restaurants, her weight will change quite a lot!
N: Really?
That's why I want someone who has a strong stomach. I think that is important.


The Maestro of the future.
Introducing 21 year old Ishizuka who is working to become a top chef.
After working for 2 years, he was finally given the responsibility of skewering salmon. The pieces have to be arranged very evenly so they will not get burnt.
Another task is making warabi mochi. When the mixture gets heated, the liquid become stickier. It has to be constantly stirred or it gets burnt. The stirring has to go on for 20 minutes.
Work hard Ishizuka-kun, for the day that you will be called a Maestro!


N: When you become a Maestro and have your own restaurant, I definitely want to go eat there. Please do your best!
Sa: We want him to do his best...
When we talk about food, you're very energetic!
"I will go to the ends of the earth to eat until I die, in 5 more years" [??? 15:03]
?: I think it's longer than that
N: One amazing thing I ate recently was, I was introduced to someone from a winery, and I ate the sprouts of grapes. When the grape is still a flower, in bud form, they sway it and the ones that drop were made into tempura to be eaten.
The ones you picked yourself, and ate them...
Sa: That would take quite some time
N: If it's food I'll find time to go eat
Sa: If you had to choose between work and something you'll never eat again in your life, which will you choose?
N: I choose work!
?: As expected!
Sa: That's so boring!
So you'll choose work?
N: Yes, work!
Sa: You can write books!
N: Yes, it was released last year
Sa: Ah, I'm sorry
N: Hahaha thank you


Grill the katsuo

First prepare the fish skin by poking it and sprinkle salt on it right before grilling it so the skin can have a crunchy texture.
The most important thing is to get the aroma from grilling the skin, so quickly grill it with a strong fire. Sloppy grilling results in the meat getting half-cooked by the fire.
Grill it until the skin is silver.
Arakicho and Ikebukuro also grill the meat lightly after doing the skin so the whole piece has aroma.
Arakicho cuts into the skin lengthwise and slices it thickly so as not the damage the skin. He puts it on the vegetables and pours ponzu on top to finish it off.
Ikebukuro cuts the skin once before slicing it. It has the fragrance of the garlic chips and the sourness of the dip.
Kaburazaka only grills the skin and removes the spine, stomach bones and chiai (blood part). The skin is crunchy and the meat is like sashimi. It is cut into 1 cm slices. The ponzu, ginger, momijioroshi and fried onion are added to finish it.


Sa: It's starting to look good!
N: Maestro it's supposed to be close to the fire right?
Sa: Yeah, close to the fire, close to the fire
N: Ah it looks delicious
?: Ah Maestro's one looks very...
Sa: It looks good right?
?: Yes looks good
Sa: Is it okay already?
N: I think so!
*they bring to fish to the cutting board*
I will also remove the chiai
Sa: Yes please do
?: V6-san will release a new song again, right?
N: Yes, on 17 June, our 35th single, "Spirit" will be on sale
Sa: 35th?
N: Yes 35th!
Sa: The one that sold most, what was that?
N: I think it was "Ai Nanda", the 5th single
Sa: Then please sell more than that
N: We will
Sa: Let's sell more
N: Please... let us sell more!
Sa: Please let them sell more
N: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

?: Nagano-san, you don't gain weight?
Sa: Because you like eating
N; While I eat, I do some exercise
Sa: You do?
?: What sort of exercise?
N: When I'm in the midst of eating
?: Eh??
How do you do that?
Sa: Choose one or the other!
How do you exercise while eating?
N: Shall I show you?
*starts walking*
Ah here is good too.
?: Yes, show us
N: Well, as if this was a chair, I will show you a bit...
I sit here, and I'm eating, aren't I?
So during the conversation, my legs, *starts doing ab crunches* under the table, I move them and such
Sa: That's quite different isn't it?
N: Yes I think it is


N: This is enough, isn't it
Sa: Yes let's move on. Let's do the herbs!
The vegetables are hard to do!
?: Maestro! There's something not right for that!
N: Eh?
?: Isn't this chiai!?
*points at the fish*
Here... It might be...
Sa: It's okay...
*Nagano laughs*
?: Really?
Sa: We've already put all this on and you come and say, "Isn't this chiai?", you....
?: Is it okay? The chiai...
Sa: Yes it is...
?: It's okay?
Sa: Yes.
So in the middle, we'll put a lot of it
N: Yes it smells good
Sa: *this part he's doing the super excited voice and repeats everything twice* How is it, how is it?
Look, it has turned out like this!
How has it turned out?!
It's the completion of Katsuo no Tataki!


Made by Sakai, the Katsuo no Tataki that is in season now, enjoyed with cold beer...


All: Thank you for the food!
*Nagano eats*
N: It smells good and...
Sa: The ponzu sauce is just right?
N: Yes it has the right sourness. It's perfectly fine
Sa: The one that you grilled yourself too...
*Nagano eats*
Is it good?
N: It is what it is.
The condition of the fats is different as expected.
I can taste both types.
Sa: I see.
*Sakai eats*
Ah, delicious!
?: The herbs match it very well
Sa: It's not a simple Katsuo no Tataki, is it?
There're many different flavors in your mouth
N: I think the fish, the base ingredient, is important
Sa: Yes
N: On the other hand, it's hard to bring out the other ingredients. [?? 21:14]
But the ponzu sauce is good, and the herbs too
*Sakai raises glass*
Sa: There's beer too!
N: Thank you
?: Cheers
Sa: Let's drink
Isn't this good?
?: I think a bit of the chiai was still left on the fish, but...
Sa: You're so noisy!
?: How did you find it?
N: If it's that small an amount, I don't mind
Sa: He doesn't mind
It's okay!
What the heck are you doing?
?: The middle part of the flesh as very delicious but the edges, they have the blood taste
Sa: *pause* The guest, he was being polite and ate it and you kept going on about the taste of blood... Is this your house?!
?: I'm sorry
Sa: Hey, during the food tasting, we don't need you around!
?: No you can't!
Sa: You can be the helper. It's okay for you not to eat!
?: Please let me eat
Sa: Say, "Welcome", or "Oh it's been a long time"... *laughs*
N: She’ll become a waitress
?: It was delicious! The base was very delicious!
Sa: The base? Don't say, "base"! Just say that it was delicious
N: It's a Katsuo no Tataki that we've not had before, isn't it?
?: Yes
Sa: The stars he will give are going to change!
?: You are not a person who is easily swayed, are you?
N: Yes *makes a face* I have already decided
Sa: So how will Nagano-kun rate this?
?: Nagano-san, how many stars can we receive from you?
N: 2 stars!
Sa: ...We have received it!
2 stars!!
?: Is it my fault?
Sa: Masuda-kun, you really have an influence on the number of stars we get
N: No, no, no... It was the chiai, as you have said
A bit of the blood taste
?: Yes
N: The blood taste
Sa: *stands up* You, get off screen!
?: Please wait! There was chiai left


?: Cheers
Nagano-san, what are your plans after this?
N: I heard that the restaurant got some giblets from a legendary cow, and I'm about to go to the yakiniku place to eat it, how about going together?
?: Yes is that okay?
N: Ah yes
Sa: Oh hello?
Ohh, Higashiyama-kun... you saw it? Don't get so angry... You're coming to punish him, and you'll bring Fujita Makoto [???] along... Please hold on.
*transfers the hp to Nagano*
He's really angry!
N: Oh that was really the Maestro telling me to say it.
Sa: What?
N: It's not my opinion at all. Oh you'll take me out to eat? Thank you very much
*hands hp back*
Sa: Hello? If you're coming to give punishment with Fujita Makoto[?], please fire Masuda as well. Please fire her first.
?: No, please!
Sa: I've already asked him for a replacement [???]
?: No you can't!


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Jul. 1st, 2009 03:33 am (UTC)
sankyuuu!!!! glad that you translated the show!!!
now i can understand what nagano had said to higashiyama and what higashiyama said in return XD XD would rewatch the show again now. ^^
Jul. 1st, 2009 06:40 am (UTC)
thanks for reading this terrible mess!

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uwaaa.... that's really a good news!!!! can't wait till it finally released. >_
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