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Summary: Utaban displays Go, Inocchi, Okada's childhood photos.
Okada talks about this mother and home videos.
Go talks about his sister and her boyfriend - he's so funny. :D
There is an appraisal section of Okada's watch in the end.

nk: Nakai
ta: Taka-san
tsu ; tsuchi: Tsuchida
go: Morita
oka: Okada
ken: Miyake
ino: Inocchi
imai: Imai
satou: Satou

translated using this http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/_1ds9JDM0lw/

starting @ 12:06

nk: What type of kid were you, we have photos here
ta: This is something else
nk: Sacchi?
Who is this?
ta: This is looks like Egara-san [?? 12:18]
tsu: I wonder why the bicycle is there at his waist [??]
nk: The sad thing is the bicycle matches perfectly (to look like it hit him)
Who is the person in the back?
go: Here
nk: Morita?
Do you remember this?
go: No I don't
It's was in front of my house, when I was 3 or 4
nk: It is right?
It wasn't such a good house was it?
go: I guess so
nk: It's not dread is it? [???]
go: No
ino: It can't be dread can it
ta: I don't feel like working today
nk: Gather the bottles, the bottles! [???]


nk: Inocchi
ino: Yes
nk, go, imai: Can tell immediately
Can't be anyone but Inocchi, right?
?: Nothing changed!
ino: That's true


nk: Look at this, it's the person who does imitations of 24 (Dokidokicap Kishi)
tsuchi: Is it Dokidokikyap?
nk: It looks like, doesn't it?
Who is this?
oka: That's me
nk: Okada?
ta: That's OKada-kun?
oka: That is me
nk: It's "geisu" (the base for entertainment [?? 13:33])
oka: It's not...
What is "geisu?"
nk: What is this? Your sister?
oka: My sister
nk: Your sister... Were you mischievous?
oka: No... I probably liked making this face at that time. I kept doing that...
The photos taken at that time probably had the same pose
nk: It's like a monster.
Your switch is on here, isn't it
It is, isn't it


Tsuchida's photo.


Imai's photo

(he is very enthusiastic and Tsuchi says it's hard to get along with him.)

nk: Do the kid's paraglider
imai: Please teach me
tsuchi: I don't know it!!
Fly into the sky
nk: Paraglider!
imai: Fly into the sky Eh??
Fly into the sky - Paraglider!
ta: It's wrong, it's wrong
*Taka grabs Go*
go: Fly into the sky - Paraglider!
imai: Let's do it together!
tsuchi: Why together??
imai: Together... Ah Morita-kun, Morita-kun
go: It's ok, it's ok!!
imai: Please, please, please!
nk: Wait - you're really annoying!
nk: Please sit
imai: I'm sorry


Children raising episode

(talking about Satou's 3 household rules.)

nk: Have you hit them before? (lit. show out your hand)
satou: No I haven't (lit. not my hand)
imai: Did you kick them?
satou: I don't kick
nk: You're bothersome
imai: I'm sorry

nk: How about Okada? What kind of parent were your parents?
oka: I lived away from them for a long time - at 14 I went to Tokyo
nk: Oh you were from Kansai right?
oka: Yes
Because I came alone, now the members feel more like family
nk: So now you don't go eat with your parents?
oka: Sometimes... When they come, they don't tell me properly
nk: Which, your mom, your dad?
oka: My mom. Even when she says she's coming for a holiday, she says she wants to go to Disneyland, she comes.
She doesn't say that she's coming to meet me, and she arrives
nk: So she says she wants to see Disneyland, and at the same time (she will visit Okada)
oka: Yes, at the same time... She completely doesn't say what she's looking at. [??]
My mother is like that, when she's at Disneyland, we meet at the Tower of the Seven Dwarves, and brings along a lot of home videos.
She brings along a lot of Disneyland home videos, and when we go back, at night, she'll keep making me watch it.
She'll keep saying, "This is the 1st person, the 2nd person", doesn't your mother do that too?
nk: But... It's just... That's intense!
oka: She'll make me watch for 2 hours
She'll say, "This is where..., that is where..." and make me watch.
nk: I think you're on good terms...
oka: Because we lived apart, we are on good terms


(Tsuchi talks about how stern his father was. His father punched his brother for drinking cola cos it looked like an oil leak)

nk: Morita, how were your parents?
go: My parents?
nk: Like your sister or something, she didn't talk to you for 7 years
go: Yes, it's true

* plays 31 may 2007 Utaban appearance *
go: 7 years ago, after I said, "I'm going" and my sister said, "Be safe", we didn't speak...
nk: Why, what happened in your family?
Do you wanna speak to her?
go: Yes of course. It's my sister
nk: Poor you
ta: It would be good if she was watching Utaban today.
go: Yes
nk: So on Utaban, please express the feelings Morita has towards his sister. Please go ahead
go: If it is okay... First, are, are you doing well?
Um, let's start from "hello"
* end of flashback *

nk: How was that?
go: Somehow...
nk: Was it resolved?
go: There was a chance, after that
nk: What happened?
go: After I thought about the reason, to my sister's boyfriend, I was a little, um, I didn't want them to get along with each other
nk: Is it jealousy towards your sister?
go: No, how would you say this...
nk: But your sister is your sibling
go: Yes
ino: Well, it's because
oka: Cos you love her, right
ino: Do you...
nk: No I don't
ino: I think you would understand if you have a sister
nk: That kinda feeling?
ino: My sister got married, and I was a little, "Ah..."
nk: Really?
ino: Yeah. So that time...
nk: Was it that feeling?
go: Yes I think so
nk: She has a boyfriend, and they get along well, and you are like, "Don't get too familiar with her!" ?
go: Yes
ino: He makes him massage his shoulders
nk: What...
go: Like, go buy me something
ta: Your sister's husband becomes your disciple, doesn't he
go: Yes
ken: Even though he came to see her-
go: To make it so they can't be together, I...
To waste the time
ken: To waste the time...
So it will become time to go home
nk: And that's why your sister got annoyed?
go: Yes I think so
ta: And that's 7 years?
go: Right now it seems that she has a new boyfriend, but she will not introduce him to me.
ino: Not to this
nk/ino: Devil
nk: But the boyfriend is good to her. If they get married, you'll become the brother-in-law.
ta: Like, "Make yakiniku sauce" and *jumps like in Go's commercial* [???]
go: If I don't do that it won't be good, right
nk: Well, it's different for everyone
ta: *jumps like in Go's commercial*


Utaban's Treasure Appraisal Gang

narrator: Okada's treasure will be appraised
oka: This is an antique watch
nk: Is there a brand, the maker?
oka: It's a Tag Heuer from 1950
nk: Did you get it checked properly?
oka: No I thought it looked cute in the shop, and I was looking for an antique
nk: How much was it at that time?
oka: It was about 200,000 yen.
nk: About 200,000 yen?
That's cheap!
What is this?
?: This is a poster from 1940, Tag Heuer's.
nagano: Is it the same thing?
?: This is quite an interesting thing

*V6 performance of Spirit*

nk: Mr ---, this and the one Okada has
?: It's separate
nk: Separate
?: There are conditions
ta: If the Tag Heuer people did it I think... It's original
nk: So let's begin, the Tag Heuer bought at 200,000 yen, a watch wore everyday [???], please let us have your appraisal

*signboard shows 600,000 yen*


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Jul. 17th, 2009 02:21 am (UTC)
lol me neither! i totally didn't recognise morita! i wish i understood what jokes they were making about him.

yeah nagano got totally left out here...

hope the timing for this is ok. man, timing is tough!
Jul. 17th, 2009 05:53 am (UTC)
Thank you for translate this.
You did a good job.
Jul. 31st, 2009 01:44 am (UTC)
Nabbing this, and big hugs to you for gifting us with V6 wonderfulness. :)
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